PS: Forgive my bad grammar! 🙈☺ Thank you☺ I really need to ask y’all what’s up with you? What’s wrong with you? You can’t stay calm during sermon ALWAYS asking “when is the sermon gon be over? ” “dude, I feel sleepy” for some of y’all that’s when you remember you need to update your […]

God’s My Side Boo

Hol’ up Before you conclude,read what I have first. When you have a side boo, you sometimes don’t want people to know about him/her You go to them when you need a fix or when you need something from them. We treat God like He’s our “side boo” Okay, let me try to be clear […]

The Eyes Have It

There he goes Immaculately dressed Looking all fine and the likes Looking closely at him Especially at his eyes You’ll discover they are unsteady The eyes are searching A reflection of what is going on on the inside of him He speaks eloquently He performs his tasks efficiently But if you pay closer attention to […]