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Not Alone — May 5, 2018

Not Alone

Let’s take a poll! If you’ve ever felt like the odd one, the weird one, or the strange one, let me see your hand up! Okay, okay! I can see a couple of hands up! That’s good! 

A number of times, I have been called weird and strange and odd by friends, some relatives and by some strangers (awkward). I’d feel bad and ask myself what was wrong with me. Not until I really met Christ, learnt about my identity, and finally accepted that I can’t be like everyone else, and that’s fine. Oh yeah, I have this weird friend, Vittore, he made me realise being weird is actually cool. Bring on the weirdness baby. So, I started accepting being called weird as a compliment. 

To today’s blog NOT ALONE, I was reading through the book of Romans chapter 11, when I saw verses 3 and 4. The full  gist can be found in First Kings 19. Lady Jezebel sought to kill Prophet Elijah because God through him killed all the prophets of Baal. She was mad! Prophet Elijah thought he was the only one who really honoured God. He told God in First Kings 19 verse 10 that he’s the only one left and still they want to kill him. God answered him in verse 18 “No man, I still have 7000 men who have not bowed to Baal, they are still loyal to Me. So, you’re not alone” Those aren’t the exact words though. But you get the drift, yeah? 

You might be thinking you’re the only one left living by Godly standard, taking a stand for something right, doing what pleases God, not doing the norm because it’s against God’s standard of living, though the world seem cool about it. 

You might be thinking you’re the only one who still believes in waiting until marriage before having sex, or you’re the only one who choose not to lie in the company’s accounts book, or embezzle the company’s money, or who won’t cheat on that examination, who chooses not to lie, who won’t abort that baby, and the list goes on! 
Thing is you’re never alone. There are thousands of people who are in the same boat as you, who loves God and choose to do right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! 

Pray to God to direct you to people who share the same beliefs as you and to open your eyes to identify them when they come your way. 

We all need a good support system. 

It’s strengthening, motivating, uplifting, encouraging knowing you’re not the only one going through a particular thing. 

I think the world would be more healthy and peaceful if we had good support systems. 

I’d like you to go about today, knowing you’re not alone! You have the ever present company of the Trinity! Join a small group at church or on campus! You’d definitely feel more alive if you have people you can draw strength from! 

Together in Christ, 


PS: Since last November, it has been pressing on my heart to share on how going through a particular struggle and overcoming it can be a blessing to others. The main topic is kinda sensitive that’s why I’ve been holding back on writing about it: Pornography. God helping me, it should be the next blog post! 

Do have a lovely weekend! 

Insomnia — April 25, 2018


Psychologically speaking, insomnia is just one type of sleep disorders. For today, I’ll focus on just insomnia, since it is more pronounced. 

Insomnia is said to be “a sleep disorder in which a person has persistent problems in falling asleep  or staying awake or awaken too early.” (Psychology in Action, 2002). Many reasons contribute to insomnia, some include: excessive intake of stimulants during the day, an over-exciting day, late meals (yes, they could cause insomnia) and the reason we all are familiar with, worry. I’ll talk on worry today.

We all know how active the mind works, yeah? As human beings, we tend to be “worry beings“. How do I mean? We are always worried about one thing or the other. “How will this happen? When will it happen? Who will make it happen? Why I am so miserable? Why is nothing working out for me? I’ve applied for jobs, and I haven’t been called back for an interview? I don’t know what course to major in! I don’t think my application for the scholarship will be approved! Does God even love me? My parents are pressurising me to get married, I obviously need a man to be married and I don’t have one! My friends are doing great, but what’s wrong with me? Why am I so fat? Why am I ugly? Does my husband even love me? Does my wife care for me? Will my kids amount to anything in life? Will I make it to Heaven? When I die, will anyone miss me? Am I impacting any life? My finances are down, and I don’t have a job! Will I be promoted at work? Or will he be chosen over me?”
And the list goes on and on and on!

But hey! Rest easy! God’s got you! He knows you have these worries, He doesn’t want you to figure it out all on your own, and definitely not you focusing on them. No, He wants to help you overcome each and everyone of them. God is sovereign! There’s nothing He can’t take care of. All you have to do is first, BE IN HIS FAMILY, i.e give your life to Christ. Are you a part of His Kingdom? Afterward, hand over the reins of your life to His leadership. That’s the foundation of it all. Then, you begin to learn of Him and lean on Him.

I think the reason we still worry is because we haven’t fully trusted God’s leadership over our lives. I trust God, but once in a while I still find it hard trusting Him in certain areas, which is not healthy. It can be counted as doubt which is a sin. Christ told us in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.“. Here, He’s offering to bear all our burdens on Himself, so we can enjoy the freedom He gives. Apostle Paul says in 1 Peter 5:7 “casting ALL your care upon Him, for He cares for you“. I like the TLB version of that verse “Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.” Isn’t that amazing??? You should be able to sleep easy knowing you’re covered, yeah?

All of our worries tend to have the front seat in the theatre of our mind when it’s night time, making it difficult to sleep. I’d like to suggest some “pills” in place of the sleeping pills you bought over-the-counter or the ones prescribed by your doctor.

Pill 1: Philippians 4:8
Pill 2: Psalms 127:2
Pill 3: Psalms 121:4

Pill 1: One of the best verse in the Bible that helps us keep our thoughts in check. Worry is never encouraging or uplifting, it’s very nasty. To chip in, I think there are some healthy worries. The worry I’m referring to here are the demeaning ones, the ones that fills you with sad lies and makes you “lose yourself”. To enjoy the rest Christ gives, lay all your worries at the feet of Jesus and replace them with positive confessions. Point is, don’t focus on the bad. Focus on God, Who in turn helps you see the good! You get? Think on things that are lovely, right, true and with God’s blessings you’d have a sweet night rest! You might just have an answer/solution to the worry the following morning.

Pill 2: I had trouble sleeping some months back, I was worried and sick of almost everything. Worrying never helps! It worsens the whole thing. One day, during my study, I saw Psalms 127:2 “…. for He gives His beloved sleep” Imagine my joy that day! Night time came, sleep was wanting! I remembered the scripture and kept repeating it to myself over and over again, with faith in my heart! The next morning, I felt so refreshed! Ever since, whenever I’m having difficulty sleeping, I’d say the verse over and over again! You can try it out too.

Pill 3: I got another understanding of this verse some days back at a conference I attended. Women of Destiny Conference! This may seem easy on the eyes to you, but I believe it with the whole of my heart. Psalms 121:4 says He never sleeps nor slumbers, so if He’s having sleepless nights, He’s doing so because He cares for me and so I can actually have “sleepful” nights! Isn’t that amazing? It’s like having a task to do, and someone who is an expert in that task offers to help you carry it out, while you rest easy! Cool, yeah?? Btw, it’s not been lazy though๐Ÿ˜‰.

I’ll say again, rest easy! Rest in God! Lay all your worries at His feet. He cares for you so much! He’s willing to take it all upon His shoulders for you!

PS: You can only enjoy this amazing benefits if you’re in Christ! If you’d like to give your life to Christ, you can do this now. In the sincerity of heart, talk to Christ as you would a friend. Tell Him to come into your heart, give Him the steering wheel of your life and allow Him free drive! Confess your heart to Him! He’s waiting to hear from you!

If you’d like to talk to me, you can send me an email at worshipoutlaw@gmail.com

I pray for that the peace of God will reign in your hearts. I pray for the grace to trust God enough to hand over all of your worries to Him! At the end of the day, you’ll come out stronger and better!

Resting in God,

Carry Over — April 16, 2018

Carry Over

“Heavenly Father, I thank You for my success! I thank You because I know in this forth coming examination, I won’t have any carryover course in Jesus name. I won’t have to retake any course in Jesus name. Thank You Father for the answered prayer. Amen!”

Most of us have prayed that kind of prayer or similar, yeah? That was my prayer the moment I got admitted into the university. My prayer was answered until Year 2 second semester, when I discovered that I had a carryover in a Year 2 first semester course, FSS001. It’s a statistics course. 

Allow me to inform you guys that I don’t like maths! Never have! I don’t think I ever will. Well, I can manage the simple maths of counting money๐Ÿ˜‰. 

When I changed course from Accounting to Psychology, I was happy because I thought I had finally escaped the stress of Maths. Not knowing it was waiting for me ๐Ÿ˜ญ. 

FSS 001 classes started, I’d just sit through the class. After class, I’d meet with my friends, Faith and Tomisin to tutor me on what we learnt that day. Exam period approached, the fear of failing maths asked to live in my heart and I gave it accommodation. My friends tried to calm me and explain to me again on how Maths was easy and very simple (I wish๐Ÿ˜’).  Getting to the examination hall and seeing the exam questions, guess what happened!  All I’d read, the formulas I had crammed, off with the wind. 

I guess those sitting around me noticed I was struggling and offered their help, which I politely refused. I went ahead to submit an almost blank sheet. I was just smiling. My friends came out after they had finished and asked why I submitted a blank paper. I told them not to worry about it. 

The results came out, my level coordinator called me to his office and told me the only course I failed was FSS 001. I smiled and I told him “I know sir”. 

He was surprised I was smiling when I was just told I’d failed a course. He asked if I didn’t like maths, I confirmed it. And he told me to do better next time. Told my dad, he encouraged me to start preparing to do better the next time I write the course. 

Year 3 first semester, I registered to retake FSS001, the first lecture was a mini torture for me, because, “Mobolaji has a carryover in FSS001” (WHAT!?!?), and I had a couple of acquaintances with those in Year 2 then. So, I was not comfortable knowing that I had to sit in the same class with them. It was not pride but shame, it dawned on me that if I had put in more effort to passing the course, I would have passed, instead of purposing in my heart to fail the course before the examination day came. Before the carryover course, I had always viewed carryover courses as failures and the victims as lazy people who didn’t study well. So, all my thoughts about it and how I viewed those who had had carryover courses before me started replaying and I felt bad for stereotyping them. 

I had about two course mates I was cool with, who had to resit the course, one couldn’t find his result, the other failed the course just like I did. So we both read together and attended classes together. It wasn’t that bad after all, when we started committing time to going over what we learnt after each class. It was interesting to learn the same thing all over again with few changes. Exams came, and I passed with a sweeet A๐Ÿ˜€. 

(Sunday service testimony) 

Why did I failed that course? 

I already knew and planned to fail. I let fear get the upper hand. 

Why/how did I pass the course? 

I purposed in my heart to understand the course and pass it. God also used my friends to help me through that journey. Thank you Aramide, Thank you Faith, Thank You Tomisin. God bless you guys! 

Ever since, my perspective on carryover changed. It’s possible you failed at one course or more in college, or one relationship didn’t work out, or that business failed. It’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up. See it as God giving you a second chance to do better! Seize the opportunity! Learn from the mistakes of yesterday and do better today! 

I like to think that Today is another opportunity to be and do better than Yesterday! 

If you’ve failed in certain areas of life. Find out the reason(s) why you failed. Talk things out with God and yourself. Only you can determine to do better! 
PS: You thought that was the only time I had a carryover? Nope. I had another carryover in a general course and got mad at God for it. Real mad! You can’t talk bad at God and get away with it, yeah? I’ll tell you guys about it later. 

Becoming Better,