Sexual Purity

Sexual Purity

It’s not just about not having sex
That’s the physical act
It’s a total package
Sexual purity
Body, Soul & Spirit
The body can abstain from the act
The Soul may not
Remember the Bible verse
That said the eyes can undress a person
Something about looking lustfully at a person
See, it’s not just about the physical abstinence
Your soul will fight against abstaining

When you got saved, the Spirit was saved
But the mind still needs to be saved
That’s why Romans 12:2 said to constantly renew the mind
Sexual purity becomes a real problem
When the soul has been exposed to vices
Such as Masturbation, Pornography, Explicit movies, erotic videos all in the name of Music Videos
It becomes a war
The Battle can be won when you subject your entity
To God, He alone can help you Honour him
Staying sexually pure
Body, Soul and Spirit
He alone has the Grace to help you take that stand
It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen before
He’s the Amazing God of a second chance
Take the Stand today to walk in Purity
Not just by not giving your body to the act
But your Soul and Spirit
The Holy Spirit is Your best Guide
To walking in Purity
Remember you’re bought with a Price
You’re Worth the Wait
In every sense
God loves you more than you can imagine
I Stand for Sexual Purity
What about you?

I couldn’t sleep

I couldn’t sleep

You know that moment when you find it hard to sleep at night. Yeah, been there. In fact, I was ‘there’ last night. Lemme tell you what happened.
Nathaniel Bassey started #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge. You praise God with your dance offering for an hour. 12am-1am (June1-June30). Okay, so I had prepared my playlist, songs that will last for an hour. Done my nightly ‘rituals’ i.e play Criminal Case, Cookie Crush, Worship, Read the Word, Pray, Sleep.

But I couldn’t sleep last night. I began to pray for sleep. I finished my rituals at 10:44pm and I had to be up by 11:55pm for the One hour Hallelujah praise. I was telling myself that sleep will probably ‘come’ when it’s almost time for me to actually wake up. Lo and Behold, that’s what happened exactly. The alarm rang and I was up. Though I didn’t leave my bedūüėě.

After the one hour has passed, I could not sleep back. I began to wonder why. Prayed for sleep, nothing happened. The rats in my room were keeping busy, while I waited for sleep. Some Christians would have used this opportunity to continue praying but not me. (God help my sleep lifeūüėěūüė≠)

Okay, at 2:44am I was still awake. The adiye(hen) ko(crow) LOL. I was still awake. I dunno when I slept off.

Morning came, morning chores, I wondered why I couldn’t sleep at night. Walking to CDS(I am a Corper), still thinking about it. Then I realised why I could not sleep.




Goodnight To My Thoughts

Goodnight To My Thoughts

Good night to my thoughts of you
As I lay me down to sleep
I switch off the light of your face in my heart
Still wrapped in the duvet of your warmth
Remembering to shut the door to lock you out
I kicked the duvet off of me
I’d rather sleep uncovered with you
Than sleep covered with you
Knowing what it is I know
The pillow of your comforting words is no longer useful,
I’d rather cry my eyes out and stain my face with tears than tell you only for you to stain my face with fears
Oh! The window is still opened,
For the smell of you to blow in,
Shutting it now, so you’d have no way to get in
The bedside lamp of your “heart” is the only thing that reminds me of you
Contemplating on leaving it on would only give you an opportunity to go with me to Dream world
You no longer have that right
My fingers are shaky, but I know I have to do this
Praying for strength, I stretched forth my hand to the bedside lamp



PS: Forgive my bad grammar! ūüôą‚ėļ Thank you‚ėļ
I really need to ask y’all what’s up with you? What’s wrong with you? You can’t stay calm during sermon ALWAYS asking “when is the sermon gon be over? ” “dude, I feel sleepy” for some of y’all that’s when you remember you need to update your Twitter, Facebook & WhatsApp status.
That’s when you remember you need to edit that cute picture you took recently and upload it on Instagram, like those pictures, play that addictive game. Why? Sermon is boring, yeah? I guess the sermon being preached is God’s WORD, yeah? So why the lack of interest in it? If y’all really claim to love GOD and read the Word in your closet, why have that lackadaisical attitude towards Sermon??

Another thing is that, yeah yeah you is in a group. Cool! So what’s up with you feeling all big and important and all that when you’re invited to minister at a place… You ain’t there for the sermon, or any other activities, you’re just there to show your skills, how well you can hit that note, how well you can do vocal runs, how perfect you can perfect that stunt? How expressive you are during Spoken Words? etc. Who cares? Sure, the congregation are impressed. What about your MAIN AUDIENCE, GOD ALMIGHTY?? All you care about is “when am I gonna minister so I can get outta here?” Chill, who you impressing? Who you forming cool for? The only person that should matter is GOD! No one else. Most of y’all are conformers. Just ”cause the people in your group are chatting while an activity is going on, you should do the same! Really? Or just ’cause your group members are leaving after the ministration, you too should leave? I don’t get it! Why are you in the group in the first place? To show people how well you can sing? Dance? Do Spoken Words? Or just truly because you wanna use your gift for God’s glory? Really? Remember the PERSON we all gonna account to is GOD not man. God’s not gonna care that you were trying to act cool before your friends.
If you’re tryna act cool when you’re with your loved one and your friends happen to be there, that’s just pretense, to me at least.
Y’all can sing about how much you luh God but SERIOUSLY HE DESERVES MORE THAN YOU ARE GIVING HIM!
Let’s have a rethink… Abeg (Please)
If you really love someone you should not be shy or cautious about what people will say on how you feel towards the person. The person should be your focus. No one else!

He Knows

He Knows

Who knows a product better than the producer? Who knows a creature better than its creator? There’s nothing about you that your Maker does not know. He knows everything .

God knows you, He knows your story. Even when you think He’s not aware of the happenings in your life. He knows. In the book of Jeremiah, He told him that even before He formed him, He knew him. Psalms 139: 1-16 explains this.

God knows the real you.

He sees the tears stained face covered with Make-up by False Appearance.

He sees the scarred skin and bruises covered with Dress by Hide My Flaws Couture.

He sees the feet that have walked the walks of shame, abandon, & neglect that are covered with Shoes by Don’t Let Me Fall Designers .

He sees the fingernails that have scratched the floor in agony that are covered with Nails by Hold Me Gently Nails.

He sees the head that has endured so many punches that even a punching bag can’t withstand if it could talk, headaches due to excessive tears that are covered with Head Accessories by Delicate Skull by Flenak.

He sees the child in a man that sees ladies as a toys you can do away with when you get bored because the Father never respected the Mother.

He sees the man who is so full of ego just because he has suffered from heartbreaks, never wanting to experience such pain again.

He sees the man that his heart yearns for Him but because he saw his Mother die from Cancer after putting so much trust in Him for her healing that never came, he blocked God out of his heart.

Take¬†off¬†the camouflage¬†and come¬†before¬†God.¬†He¬†knows¬†the¬†real¬†you.¬†He¬†loves¬†you¬†regardless.¬†He¬†sees¬†beneath¬†the¬†outward¬†you.¬†He’s¬†telling¬†you¬†He¬†loves¬†you. I ¬†can’t¬†explain God’s¬†love.¬†Babe/Dude,¬†you¬†need¬†to¬†experience¬†it.¬†He¬†sees¬†you¬†from the¬†future¬†you,¬†your¬†past¬†means¬†zilch¬†to¬†Him.¬†Just¬†come¬†to¬†Him!¬†His¬†love¬†for¬†you¬†is¬†an¬†everlasting one (Jeremiah 31:3).

Ever read¬†the¬†book¬†of¬†Hosea???¬†God¬†loves¬†you¬†toooo¬†much!!!¬†Are¬†you willing¬†and ready¬†to¬†show¬†Him¬†the¬†real¬†you? I¬†can¬†assure¬†you¬†that¬†He’ll¬†never¬†turn¬†you¬†away.

He’s waiting‚ėļūüėė

Song:¬†Loyal –¬†Lauren Daigle


God’s My Side Boo

Hol’ up
Before you conclude,read what I have first.

When you have a side boo, you sometimes don’t want people to know about him/her
You go to them when you need a fix or when you need something from them.

We treat God like He’s our “side boo”
Okay, let me try to be clear

God gave you His Love
You accepted and acknowledged that fact
But still, you went on with your “main boo”
The “main boo” here refers to the Affairs of the World.

When the “main boo” breaks your heart
You run to God, your “side boo”
He accepts you because He loves you
Because He already said in Psalms 147:3
That He heals the broken in heart
You recover & return to your “main boo”.

When your “main boo” clears you of your finances
Suck you out dry
You run back to your “side boo”
He fixes you again
Because it’s written in Psalms 23:1
That you’d have no lack
And a prayer was said in Phillipians 4:19
That He’ll supply all your needs according to His riches in glory
Through Christ Jesus
Financially stable, you return to your “main boo”.

When your “main boo” calls you
Ugly, Worthless, Barren, and Useless
You run back to your “side boo” crying to Him
He dried your tears and calls you beautiful according to Psalms 139:14
That He made you in His image according to Genesis 1:27
And you know for sure He’s not Ugly, Useless, Worthless or Barren
(I mean, look at you! Ain’t you an amazing creation!!! ūüėČ)
With that confidence boost,
You were on your way back to your “main boo”
But before you left
He told you His love is enough for you
That you don’t need the “main boo”
That when you finally accept His love
You’ll be surprised at the amount of wealth, not just financially you’ll enjoy
According to John 14:27 and Matthew 6:33

But you told Him to just keep being your “side boo”

You went back to your “main boo”
But this time, your “main boo” broke you completely, destroyed and shattered you
With the last of your strength, you crawled back to Him
You saw Him standing afar
With pure love in His eyes
You told Him how sorry you are
For treating Him like He didn’t matter (a second option)
Telling Him you accept His love for you

He took you in, cleaned you up
He redeemed you according to Ephesians 1:7
He restored you and promised to hold you through life’s race.

You get my point now, yeah?
Now the questions.
Shouldn’t GOD be your REAL Main boo?
Shouldn’t GOD be your FIRST?
How is your relationship with GOD?
Treating Him as a main boo or side boo?
Remember Matthew 6:33

Song: First – Lauren Daigle


The Eyes Have It

There he goes
Immaculately dressed
Looking all fine and the likes
Looking closely at him
Especially at his eyes
You’ll discover they are unsteady
The eyes are searching
A reflection of what is going on on the inside of him
He speaks eloquently
He performs his tasks efficiently
But if you pay closer attention to him
Look deep into his eyes, you’ll see it

There are questions he needs answers to
But no one has the right answer(s)
His search continues
He uses all sorts of outlets hoping one will provide him with the answers he so desires
He’s almost at the end of his rope
His eyes are becoming very unsteady
His outlets has failed him

Those who care about him suggested an outlet to him
But he refused
He can’t subject himself to an “Imaginary Person”
“What if the Person is not real?”
“Does this Person really have the answers to my unending questions?”
“Can this Person fill this void in my heart and life?”
“Why should I believe this Person is real?”
“Truth be told, this peeps have something unique about them and they acclaim it to this Person, what if the Person is actually who they say the Person is?”

And so the questions running through his mind keeps flowing. . .

When you see him, tell him to get to know the Person, there’s no harm in trying…

Lord I pray for every soul in search of something, looking into all sorts of places but not You, I pray You reach out to their hearts and I pray the Holy Spirit ministers to their heart and bring them to the knowledge of You, in Jesus name, Amen.