I’ve come a long way with loving myself. It has been a journey, still a journey, and I’m grateful for the journey so far! Allow me share some of the things I never liked about myself, but right now, I’M LOVING IT!

I remember the time I hated the way I speak. Why? I stutter alot. I was mocked for it throughout my secondary school years, sometimes mocked for it till date. I dreaded speaking in public, because when I am nervous, it gets worse than it is. I couldn’t get two sentences out without stammering, so I started writing out my thoughts (I guess that’s where my love for writing came up). I could express myself better in writing since the way I talk won’t let me. It took me time to accept my vocals the way they were.
I remember one time in the university, a lecturer gave the entire class a topic to present in class. What!!! I was super worried about how I’ll communicate with the class in 15mins without stammering. I’ve had training with public speaking thanks to my responsibilities back then at the campus church. I was fine with speaking in church, but in class??? Not much. The day finally came, I can remember praying seriously for help from God. I guess the first words I said was “Praise The Lord”😂 in class, and I just went on! I survived! Ever since, I’ve been somewhat fine with speaking in public. Till date, if I want to share a testimony in church, my heart beats faster than normal until I’m back in my seat. I need help seriously. I’m getting help. 😉 Now, I can laugh at the stammer jokes comedians make and not feel bad about myself. One of my campus president, Pastor Tobi Akinsola told me about Moses(yeah, I was familiar with the guy) he told me to read Exodus 4:10-11, I focused on verse 11. God made my tongue the way it is for a reason! Times I’d want to talk but due to some reasons I’d be restrained, maybe it’s God’s way of keeping me quiet and not saying the wrong words. Times I speak without stammering because God wanted the person I was talking to, to fully understand what I was saying. To His good pleasure! 

I hated singing in public!!! Why? I thought I didn’t have this sonorous voice that calms the soul. I was called “Crocodile’s voice” when I was much younger. That’s changed now though. To make the matter not too pleasant, ALL my friends have this musical ability. So, when we are hanging out, and one person starts singing randomly, we(excluding myself) join in, and when I try to pitch in, I am always off key! 😭. To cap it all, one brother at my campus church then told me in clear words “Stop singing in church, it’s not pleasing to the ears, listen to your friend Yeni, she sings way better” I felt hurt and stopped singing in church for a while until my said friend talked sense to me. God bless you, Yeni. Honestly, sometimes I find it uncomfortable to sing in public. But hey, I’m loving my voice. God listens and that’s it! 

OmoYeni with the big heart

The last thing I did not like about myself: my face!!! Okay, let me be specific.
I didn’t like my face because of pimples! I’ve always had pimples! Times they decide to give me a clear face for a week, time they choose to increase in size, times they choose to spread territory, times they get pissed at me for using treatment, it NEVERS works, they react badly! I’ve learnt to love them just the way they are. Y’all know LOVING ME by JONATHAN MCREYNOLDS, one line I repeat to myself when the pimples are having a feast on my face and they make me feel somewhat insecure, I tell myself “Even with the pimples on my face, I just wanna thank You for always loving me”
Next, I did not like my teeth! LOL. You know, more gum-small cute teeth😉. I was fine with it until God gave me a friend with perfect teeth! MoWunmi has this perfect smile! You know the kinds they use for toothpaste advertisements. I had struggles with that for a while until I accepted myself. It was crazy because I don’t like smiling in pictures with my whole teeth out and she’s right there beside me, perfect teeth😀. But right now, I smile with my cute teeth in pictures😁.  

OmoWunmi with the big smile

Now, I can boldly say “I am beautiful, I am loved, I am worth the wait, I speak life, those who hear my voice are blessed, I am God’s image, if you’re seeing me, you’re seeing GOD, (Genesis 1:27), I have been redeemed, I am not condemned, I was made for a purpose, I love my crazy vocal runs and awkward dance steps. Regardless of what people say, God was intentional about me, He’s still intentional about me” 

Me with the small cute teeth

Why tell this long boring sermon, I’ll be a year older come March 10 (that’s tomorrow💃)! Whoop! 🎂🎉Whoop!🎂🎉! I’m grateful to God for what and where He’s brought me from! I’m grateful to God for where I am right now! And I’m grateful to God for the amazing future He has in place for me, though I may not see the full picture right now, but I’m grateful still! I know all I’ve been through, what I’m going through right now, is preparing me for a beautiful tomorrow! So, I celebrate me everyday!
It’s worth being thankful for, yeah?

These are some of the verses that helped me.

PS: if you are struggling with your identity or you know anyone struggling, kindly point them to Jesus, He’s the only One who can give you a secure identity, seeking identity elsewhere is dangerous. You can also talk with me if you’d like. Kindly send me an email to worshipoutlaw@gmail.com, I happily await your mail.
You’re loved,

The Psalmist

The Psalmist

The Psalmist vision was given by God to Mr Bayowa, also know as Jobs. He’s a student at Ekiti State University and I am grateful to God that He placed great men in his circle to support and work towards making the vision a reality. The theme for Psalmist 2.0 was REVEALING JESUS! I can boldly tell you Jesus was revealed.

Have you read my last post? The main reason I traveled to Ekiti was to attend concert! After I was done visiting my brother, I went to the venue for the concert, the school field. The stage was set up already. These mighty young men of God did great! I saw Joseph @Leftkeys, dude was too tired to recognise me from afar. I knew the moment he realised it was me because he smiled and covered his face. I didn’t tell him I would be attending😀. I saw the Vice President Tamilore, who happens to be my long guy, he’s not tall, he is LONG, LOL. I was introduced to Mr Bayowa by Joseph, but guess what, Mr Bayowa knows me. He said “Good afternoon ma, I remember you, we met at last year’s Experience, thanks for coming”
Err, I don’t know people like thanking someone for attending a Kingdom event.

Anyways, to the Psalmist proper!
The concert was scheduled to start 7pm prompt. Take a guess people, the weather went from being calm and cool to rainy and windy. It was raining in towns close to the school but didn’t rain in school!!!! Give Jesus some praise! As soon as the information reached that it was raining in town, we started praying! I knew I wasn’t the only one praying at that time. God’s always amazing! He keeps revealing that to us!

The concert started with a word of prayer, next the Praise-Worship session by the Psalmist choir. It was amazing! Allow me to let you know about this, the school is on strike as I write this, so I guess the team didn’t expect many students to turn up, I love how God loves surprising His own. The seats were NOT ENOUGH!!! Some had to stand and sit on the grass! I saw many students with their travelling bags when I went around the school hostels that morning, I’m pretty sure the Psalmist was the reason many stayed back in school. It was worth it, right?
Moving on, after the Psalmist choir ministered, one of my favourite guys ministered. His name is David, (shh, I had a lil bit of crush on him when I was still a student of Eksu) @tommie.dae. I am not familiar with the song he first ministered, but I jumped up when I heard 🎶You are faithful beyond description, You are holy Yes, You are. Mighty God!🎶 That’s my favourite song of him yet! I love his songs and I keep telling him to go to the studio! Get your sanctified self to a studio, will you? 

I kept wondering who the lead guitarist was, because I was getting these sweet chills with the chords he was playing, I told a friend sitting close to me that the guy was Nathan (He’s David twin, David plays the piano, Nathan plays the guitar). He said it wasn’t him. The moment I confirmed it was Nathan, I gave him a slight smack on the shoulder (I love being right, LOL). Boy he’s anointed! 

You know when David played that musical instrument for King Saul! I pray your ministration will heal sicknesses, cast out demons, and win souls for God in Jesus name! No surprise there, David and Jonathan were great friends in the Bible! Lemme not go into details. 😃
My Joseph @leftkeys ministered next! I always love his ministrations! J! You’re going places for God!! You know I know You know You know😃. While Leftkeys ministered, the lights went out. We used our phone’s flashlight. It was a beautiful sight, but then we are the light of the world. 

I was blessed by the ministration of Cyrus, Big Sam, T Prince, Keziche Ikeka, D’Plus who happens to be the keyboardist for Frank Edwards.
Pastor Wale Adeboye, who’s happens to be a son to Pastor E.A. Adeboye through marriage and through the ministry spoke to us on revealing Jesus. Permit me to share few points from his teaching:
* Until you get the revelation of Jesus, sin will continue to be a struggle.
* Each time you get a new revelation about Jesus, it also reveals something about yourself to you.
* Every great accomplishment is a fulfillment of revelation.
* As long as your vision is given to you by God, hold on dearly to it, it may not look like it from the onset, but with time it will. Stick to God.

Mr Bayowa Jobs came to give a speech, he was overwhelmed at the whole event being a reality, he was emotional. I’m pretty sure he had tears in his eyes while he talked because his voice was shaky. When God gives a vision and you go ahead to obey Him, He surprises you more than you’d ever think possible! Lots of challenges were encountered during the preparation of the concert. But God again proved Himself mighty! God bless you sir! Greater works than this in Jesus name! I see Psalmist becoming the campus version of Experience! It will not just hold in Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, but in universities across Nigeria in Jesus name.

Miss Opeyemi Balogun was exceptional again! If you’re a student of Ekiti State University, you’d be familiar with her ministration. God has given her the grace make you turn up for Jesus and also make you fall on your face in reverence to God.

This is the second time I’d see Precious Emmanuel minister since Experience 2017. This young man’s voice is anointed! And he has a beautiful smile. Yeah, I said it! 😋

Great woman of God, Miss Yetunde Are brought the concert to a glorious end. You could literally feel the presence of God! She took us back to those lovely hyms, ancient Yoruba worship songs and some of her Mum’s songs. Her Mum? Yeah, Her mum is the Anointed Living Legend, Mama Bola Are! Whaaaaat!!! Yeah😃!

I had a great time at Psalmist 2.0. Blessings of God on the entire Psalmist team, the volunteers, the supporters, those who supported through prayers, finance, time and everything else. God bless you guys so much! I can’t wait for Psalmist 3.0.

Souls were won at the concert and I’m confident in the fact that the Holy Spirit will continually be with them and reveal who Christ is to them daily in Jesus name. And nothing will snatch them away from Christ. 

The Psalmist Team have no idea I’d be doing this, but I feel you shouldn’t miss out on being a part of a great vision. It’s a great cause for propelling the Kingdom of God. If you’d like to be a partner, kindly send a DM to @thepsalmistconcert on Instagram with your details. And if you’d like to support financially, this is the bank details
Team Psalmist Eksu
Wema Bank Plc

Thank you and God bless you!



I know the devil loves being reminded of his status, and I have no problem doing that for him.
He has been a loser for over 2000 years, he’s still a loser and he will always be loser till eternity. He tried!!!!! BUT GOD!
He can only try, but victory will always be mine as long as I have CHRIST JESUS, Who stays winning!

I got robbed at gun point last Friday morning just at my bus stop, sometime around 6am. I was waiting for a bike to take me to another bus stop where I’d get a bus going to the park. You may be wondering why I’d leave home at 6:00 in the morning, I had to be at Ekiti state that day.
I saw a bike coming slowly towards me, so I assumed the bike man wanted to drop a passenger, so I called out to the bike man(they were beside me already), so the guy “supposed passenger” alighted and stood, while the other guy riding the bike(let’s refer to him as the getaway driver) looked away when I asked if he was going to the bus stop.

Before I knew it, the guy that alighted from the bike started dragging my handbag with me. Turning to look at him, he pointed a gun at me.

Almost immediately, I started shouting Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Something told me the gun wasn’t real, but common sense also told me not to “test the spirit” LOL.
The guy kept telling me to let go of my handbag, he wasn’t audible though, probably to conceal his voice but I refused (girl, why would you refuse to give him the bag with a gun pointed at your head!?!? You wanna die?? Well, I guess my focus was on Jesus and not death at that particular time, remember all I was saying was Jesus!). I told him to take the bag containing the foodstuffs instead(I was going to drop off the food stuffs for my brothers at their school), the guy with the gun said no (the getaway driver was parked about 10ft from where the whole drama was going on). When I bent(I don’t know why I did), I guess that was when he saw my purse, so he took it with my phone(unknown to me then). I tried following the bike🙈, I felt it wasn’t worth it, so I let go. I made sure I kept calling Jesus to his face till they left on the bike.

I was shouting the name of Jesus because somewhere inside of me, I was hoping some kinda miracle will happen. But the miracle didn’t happen right there, it’s still happening right now.

I am alive, I was not shot, I was not raped, I have no injury, and most importantly, those guys got to hear the name of Jesus repeatedly! So, I’m certain that a seed has been sown in their hearts and the Name of Jesus will keep resounding in their hearts. 😃
My prayer ever since they left has been that the Name of Jesus will work wonders in their lives and bring them to the knowledge of God’s love and forgiveness for them. The devil has lost their souls! That I’m sure of!
That was my prayer for them on my way back home, my prayer while I was at home, my prayer throughout the 5hrs I was on the road to Ekiti state.

(Wait, WHAT!!! You still traveled??? I would have been too shocked and too scared to leave my house for a whole month!!! Lool Yes, I did! I had money at home enough to take me to Ekiti. There was no way I was gonna let the devil win, nope!), and my prayer right now!
I’d be honest with you guys, the shock didn’t set in until I was in the bus to Ekiti state, I was literally shaking in the bus, had to hug myself for long and continually asked God if it was in His plan for me to travel that day. He spoke me to my heart and that calmed me till I got to Ekiti state. He said “I am with you” That did it for me! Before I left home after the incident, my dad prayed for me, my kid sis prayed for me and my friend Omowunmi, also prayed for me and reminded me that I am God’s responsibility and He’s got me. God being faithful, when I told my friend, Omoyeni about the whole thing, (I was already in Ekiti), she told me she led her family’s devotion that morning and felt led to pray for protection against thieves. See God’s amazing, right?

Just so you know guys, My stupid dog was following me. (He loves escorting us any time we leave the house) Only for me to see that the dog stayed back and was looking😂😂 the entire time! When we were going back home, he tried staying close to me, see bribery. LOL. My dog didn’t bark, not once people, not once! Silly dog. 

PS: The enemy of the mind asked me where God was when the whole thing happened, immediately I remembered the only name that was persistent at that time was JESUS JESUS JESUS!
The people said they came out when they heard someone shouting Jesus!

Since Friday till now, my mind keeps replaying the whole scenario with different story line, and all I can say right now is that God will always remain faithful, nothing can change that, He’ll always be there for me and I am thankful for life!

PS again: Remember, Romans 8:28? About all things working together for good? I can’t wait to know the beautiful ministry or story or event or happening or blessing God will bring out from this!😀
I don’t have a new phone yet, I don’t have my money back, but I still have my JOY!!!!

If all I say is JESUS! That’s more than enough!🤗🤗🤗



I thought I was a forgiving person (sometimes I don’t think so, but hey, thank God for grace, I am a work in progress) until I learnt serious lessons on forgiveness. I’ve learnt to forgive immediately and sometimes ASAP. Yeah, times I let unforgiveness reign for a while, I can tell you it’s never a good reign.

So backtrack to my 20th birthday, I lived in a hostel outside school when I was in the university. There’s this tradition for birthdays in almost every educational institutions in Nigeria. The tradition is that, they beat the celebrant and pour water on the celebrant, not just any kind of water, most times the polluted ones. LOL. Yeah, Gross. I know.

Prior to my birthday, my hostel mates knew that I wasn’t a fan of the tradition and I had told them to exempt me from the tradition. But the person who “offered” himself as a (what should I refer him to as now??) was a friend, we are still friends. He was fully aware of my dislike for the tradition. He’s one of those annoying friends you can’t push away, if you know what I mean.

My friends had come over, we’ve dined and talked, everyone was happy. Someone knocked at my door, only for it to be my annoying friend (I write the “annoying friend” with the love of Christ in my heart☺), he said he had something for me, so I stepped out. To my surprise, he poured water on me!!!!!!!!! I was mad, nope, I was furious! I was mad at him because he didn’t respect my wishes. Okay okay, he poured a sachet water on me. LOL. Just imagine someone pouring a bottled water on you. Yeah, it was clean water, I should be thankful. But no, I was angry. My brother and my friends who were with me that day, told me to overlook it and take it as a normal thing. I didn’t heed to any of them.

I purposed in my heart not to forgive him!

Now, to the unveiling of forgiveness!
I started ignoring my friend, I wasn’t at peace with myself, I wasn’t free in the hostel, I couldn’t flow well in church, my sleep was restless, and the most frustrating part was I couldn’t pray. This went on for about 3-4 weeks. Every time I tried to pray, it was like there was a blockade. The Holy Spirit will whisper in my heart that I should forgive him, but I didn’t listen. My excuse was “He offended me, he should be the one apologising“.
Then one day, I think God had had enough of my silliness. It was a prayer day in church, on a Tuesday. Prayers points were being called out, I couldn’t pray any. This verse in Matthew 5:23-24 kept popping up. I was frustrated, but I got the memo. Immediately the service was over, I rushed over to the hostel. God, who is always faithful, positioned this my friend at the hostel gate. Boy, imagine my joy! I told him to please wait while I quickly dropped my bags. Getting back outside, he was still waiting (Thank God), I started talking. LOL. I talked pretty fast that night. So you know, I talk fast on a normal day, now imagine me being excited or anxious, increase in speech level. LOL. Anyway, I apologized for getting mad and staying mad at him. I told him I was sorry. Friend was surprised I apologized first, he smiled and said he was also sorry.

Lo and behold, I prayed freely that night!!!! Imagine my joy! I slept like a baby that night. Lol. You know what I’m talking about, yeah? Ever since then, I always make a conscious effort to forgive, regardless of if I was in the wrong or not.

Lessons I learnt:
1. Forgiveness is always for your peace of mind.
2. Unforgiveness causes a strain in your relationship with God.
3. When you don’t forgive, you take yourself to a prison, check yourself in, occupy a cell room and lock yourself in and you sentence yourself to “the day I forgive” imprisonment. It’s up to you.
4. When you don’t forgive, you punish yourself by adding a much more heavier baggage to your baggages.
5. In the long run, it’s about letting Christ manifest through you. Letting His grace and love flow through you.

Forgiveness is never easy, I know. It’s a process you must be willing to go through. Forgiveness is a journey to a state of peace for your overall well-being, if I may say. You can see how something minute made me lose my peace and cost me my relationship with God for a while. Please, regardless of the wrong committed against you, ask for God’s grace and strength to help you forgive. Permit me to tell you this, you may want to shout at me for this, I’ll take it.


“You’re insane, why should I pray for someone who has caused me so much pain?” I’ll say to you, Forgive even as God in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32.

Forgiven in Christ,

Should a Christian Lady propose to a guy?

Should a Christian Lady propose to a guy?


Disclaimer: You might not agree with what I want to share, but if you are interested, please read and drop your views, I’d like to hear.
2. The guidelines I will be mentioning addresses ‘Christians’.

Now let’s read.

Allow me start from the end.

I am a lover of relationships. I consider myself a relationship coach. I love to help people get relationship matters right. I love to help people have fruitful relationships as much as I can. I love to read about relationships. I love to talk about relationships.

I realized I have been a little out of touch with social media when I got to know about a certain sing with the lines sounding like “Skiiiira! Pa pa pa pa! Tu ko tum! Pa po pa!!” about 2weeks after everyone already knew about it. So, it didn’t come as a…

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Jesu My Jesus

Jesu My Jesus

Jesu My Jesus
My Ololufe (You’re the bestest lover💗 ever)
My MCE (Lol, my Messiah Crush Everyday😘)
My SuperHero (The Hero League combined are nothing compared to You💪)
My Light (Times when PHCN and life challenges dims my world, I can always count on You to Shine🎆)
My Joy (Idunnu mi, Thank You for not allowing me  give chance to the Devil to steal my joy😁)
My Alaafia (Peace!!!! Despite the Kasala going in my life! You speak Shalom to my heart!)
My Friend (I love how You stick with me through my boring gist, crazy rants, even when I cry to You sef, You never complain. You always listen!👫 )
My Rock (If “The Rock” tries to contend with You ehn, He no fit sef.)
My Shelter (Alabo mi, times the rain of worries, fear, and the enemies fall on me, You’re always right there, taking me into safety.)
My Jireh (Olupese, even if recession dey, job no dey, money no dey, You still provide, You’re the Unlimited Source with Unending Resourses)
My Stronghold (Ibi Isadi mi! My Fortress!)
My Security (The World Best Security Agency can’t provide the kind of security only You provides)
My Abanidaro (My Companion, thank You for always looking out for me, for your gentle rebukes and corrections)
My Horn (Sometimes, I’m amazed at the amount of strength You pour into me, just when I think I can’t go on, You douse me in Your Strength💪, reviving me)
My Warranty that lasts till Eternity (LOL, Tecno 12+1 warranty, be like one grain of rice beside Yours, Titi LaiLai Father)
My Freedom (This kind of freedom ehn💃, I thank You! I apologize for the times I let it get to my head and do things You don’t approve of)
My Instructor (Even though sometimes I don’t listen to You, E ma binu si mi saa😞)

Abba Baba, You are ALL these and more! I can’t comprehend Your Greatness! Pardon my words Sir, Let open dictionary small.

E saa
, You Are Super Duper! Looto Sir, E tobi ju
You are Insuperable sir! No one, No thing can overcome You sir!
You are Magnifique sir! (Make I use small French)
Only You sir, can lovelify our lives, our boos and baes no fit! 😋 They just can’t! 

Words are not enough and never will be enough: To describe You, To Exalt You, To Adore You, To Praise You, To Worship You!

As I await Your Arrival, In Your Grace and Mercy, Continue to Work on Me and Use Me To Your Glory! Beautify Me Till I look just like You! Amen! 
*Kasala – Problems 

*Titi LaiLai – Forever 

*E ma binu si mi saa – Don’t be vexed at me Sir 

*E saa – Excuse me Sir 

*Looto – Truthfully 

*E tobi ju – You are Great



Beautiful people, happy new year to you all. 2018 is finally here. For a while, I was telling people happy new month. LOL. Like yeah, January is a new month, so I’m still on the right path. 

Anyway, the first day of the year was fun for me. I had some friends over, we talked, ate, and talked about some lessons we derived from a movie we saw. I baked some chocolate cookies and a vanilla cake. It was yummy! I had the leftovers with a glass of coconut juice as breakfast. 

2018 is gonna be a good year for us all, NO DOUBT! I’ve seen a number of churches theme for the year. They all have a common word: NEW. So, I believe the Spirit is one! So, I say 2018 is a year of NEWNESS! 

Newness of divine health, new sources of provisions, new positive habits will be formed, new opportunities that brings new blessings and celebrations, new jobs, new breakthroughs, a new intimacy with the Father, new insights into the things of God, new outpouring of the spirit of revelation, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment and all all-round season of growth!!!!! 
Let’s not forget that, despite the year being a good one for us, our unrelenting enemy, aka the devil, does not want us to experience the blessings this year has for us. So, he’ll come up with different schemes just to make us fear, lose our peace and our joy. But we CAN’T let him! We CHOOSE not to!  

I would like us to remind ourselves of these: 

1. Trials and tribulations will come, but we will overcome them all. Isaiah 43:1-2 should always be on our mind, “But now, thus says the LORD, who created you, O Jacob,  And He who formed you, O Israel (insert your name): “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called  you by your name; You are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you”. Beautiful reminder, isn’t it?  

2. We live in a world where temptation is a norm, but we’ve been called out to be different, which is a very good thing. So, we draw strength in knowing that God upholds us, He knows what it feels like to be tempted, and He overcame temptation, so can we. “For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted” (Hebrews 2:18). We take comfort in knowing that His grace is made perfect in our weaknesses. We know that He always make a way of escape for us in the face of temptation, “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. Flee from Idolatry” (1 Corinthians 10:13). (But don’t you go about looking for temptation. LOL) Also, we can avoid being tempted when we continually abide in God and not venture of Him. (See James 1:12-15). 

3. The enemy is gonna bring up people to be against you, no doubt. That shouldn’t stop your shine! They’d hate the fact that you’re living, doing great for God and your family, happy and excelling in life. It’s fine, baby! Remember Jesus, despite the wondrous miracles He performed (still doing), some people hated Him. Some still do. You’ll be fine, my brother! Even though, they organise a tea party just to talk negative about you, it will turn on them! (See Isaiah 54:15). Different tactics will be made just to bring you down, but it’s cool. Why? They will have no effect over you. Isaiah 54:17 says, no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. In other words, they will be fashioned but it will NOT prosper! Can I get an Amen???? Good GOD! 

4. Words are very powerful! We’ve heard that time and again! Words can give life, words can take life. We choose to speak life giving words everyday of this year! I pray for us today that whatever negative words and curses the evil ones are saying over our lives, it shall turn to blessings in Jesus name! You can’t curse who the LORD has blessed! Remember the time Balak tried to curse the Israelites. He even tried to bribe Balaam by offering him mouth watering materials. Eventually, God permitted Balaam to go with Balak’s servants, though He wasn’t happy about it. Fast forward, instead of Balaam cursing the Israelites, he was blessing them! With God on our side, every negative words spoken against us will not hold in Jesus name! 

Our lives shall be a testimony of God’s faithfulness in Jesus name! I pray we shall experience a newness of God’s touch in every area of our lives, in our jobs, relationships, health, family, career, education and ministry in Jesus name. Our emotional lives, spiritual lives, financial lives, social lives, and every other aspect of our lives will experience new heights in Jesus name. Amen! 

I pray this blog will be more interactive in Jesus name! Amen! LOL 😁
Do have a lovely year! 

Jesus You Are!!!

Jesus You Are!!!

Still in the season of love, celebrating Christ Jesus, I hope it’s not too late to say: 

 Merry Christmas, beautiful people😘.  

I wrote this a while ago, I thought about all Christ has been to me ever since I decided to be His. Words are not enough to describe them all, but I was able to pen some down.  

Jesus You Are 

You are the Sun🌞 in my dark day🌑 
You’re the Strength💪 in my weakness 
You’re the Joy😁 in my sadness 😩
Jesus You are 

You’re the Rain☔ in my desert 
You’re the Song🎶 in my heart ❤
You’re the Stepping💃 in my dance 💃
Jesus You are 

You’re the Faith in my fear 
You’re the Warrior in my battles 
When I’m alone, You’re with me 
Jesus You are 

You’re the Source of my flow 
You’re the Smile☺ on my face 
You’re the One praying🙏 for me 
Jesus You are 

Your Word📖 is the food🍛 that I feed on 
Of Your blood that I drink 🍶
Your sacrifice still amaze me 
Jesus You are 

You’re the Hope that I cling to 
You’re the One that I long for 
You’re the Fountain⛲ I thirst for 
Jesus You are 

You’re the Beat in my heart 
You’re the Love of my life 
Your love is so awesome 
Jesus You are  
All these and more Lord 
Jesus You are 

You’re the Healing in my sickness 
You’re the Calm in my storm 
You’re the Peace in my troubles 
Jesus You are 

You’re the Harmony in my music 
You’re the Guide of my life 
You’re the Patience in my music 
You know the thoughts of my heart, still You love me the same 
Jesus You are 
You are all these and more

Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit! 

I couldn’t have survived 2017 without You! All the glory, honour, praise and adoration belongs to You alone, Abba! 

I can’t wait to walk 2018 with You! (We’ve started, yeah?)  I know there are new levels to attain, new realms to be, new ideas for solutions to problems, new dimension of growth, new hurdles to overcome, new tests to pass, new trials to triumph over and so much more. I am super excited already. 

Happy New Year in advance, beautiful people!

50 Songs That Made My 2017

50 Songs That Made My 2017

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2017 is almost over, beautiful people! Less 10 days to 2018! Music will always be a part of me and I’m always grateful to God for the Grace to appreciate music😀😋😀. If I were to tell you all the songs that made my year, I’ll have to share ALL my songs with you😭, over 1000 songs, yeah you read that right! Just so you know, I have a problem with having a favourite song. LOL. 

So, I’d be sharing with you guys some of the songs that made my year musically beautiful, in no order of importance. 

1. You Will Win – Jekalyn Carr
2. Known – Tauren Wells
3. Rababa Eh – The Gratitude
4. Rere Ni – Lc Beatz
5. Not Lucky, I’m Loved – Jonathan McReynolds
6. Nobody Like Jesus – Neville D
7. My World Needs You – Kirk Franklin
8. Hello How Are You – The Gratitude
9. Great God – Tasha Cobbs Leonard
10. Safe In My Father’s Arm – Santus Real
11. When I Pray For You – Dan + Shay
12. God’s Not Done With You – Tauren wells
13. God Will Take Care Of Me – Vashawn Mitchell
14. He Is Lord – Elevation Worship
15. Uncontainable Love – Elevation Worship
16. Alaafin Orun – A’Dam
17. Breathe – Bethel Music
18. Changed – Geoffrey Golden
19. Daddy’s Home – Travis Greene
20. Daughter of The King – Jamie Grace
21. Holy Spirit – Martin PK
22. Incredible Love – Nathaniel Bassey
23. Na Your Way – Kenny Kore
24. So Will I – Hillsong united
25. Take It – Testimony
26. Crossover – Travis Greene
27. Stars – Skillet
28. While I’m Waiting – Travis Greene
29. I’ll Find You – LeCrae ft Tori Kelly
30. Emi Ni Tire – Kenny Kore
31. God Speed – Gawvi ft KB & Andy Mineo
32. What You Done – Mali Music
33. The Cross Has The Final Word – Newsboys
34. Worship Rise – Travis Greene
35. Your Spirit – Tasha Cobbs Leonard ft. Kierra Sheard
36. Worth it – LeCrae ft Kierra Sheard & Jawan Harris
37. When We Pray – Tauren Wells
38. Nkosi -A’Dam
39. Peace Be Still – The Belonging Co ft Lauren Daigle
40. Womina – Gaise Baba
41. GAGA – Lc Beatz
42. Intentional Fuji – Mike Abdul
43. Make Our Hearts – Cobhams Asuquo
44. Designer – Mike Abdul
45. Ile Ogo – A’Dam
46. Never Gonna Let Me Go – Tauren Wells
47. Loved By You – Mali Music
48. Mind Your Business – Tai Habersham
49. Incredible Love – Nathaniel Bassey
50. Take Courage – Starlight

You can get this songs on iTunes, Boomplay, and other music sites. 

What song(s) made your year? I’d love to know. 

Merry Christmas in Advance, blessed people!  
Yours in Music, 


Have You Asked The Father?

Have You Asked The Father?

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“……..you have not asked; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy may be full and complete.” (John 16:24)

Many of us have a problem with asking. I know I do. Be it for help, an advice, an information, whatsoever. By not asking, there are so many things that we lose out on. Our attitude towards not asking may have be been birthed from childhood, parents always shutting up the child whenever the child asks a question, or while in school, classmates make fun of us when we ask a question in class, or so we won’t be branded as ITK (I Too Know) which translates to I want to know everything, or due to our personality which makes us insecure or feel inferior, so we avoid anything that will bring us out, or not to be seen as someone who’s dumb (mostly in our thoughts like: If I ask, won’t they see me as stupid or ignorant?) 

It’s okay to ask.

Let me tell you this, it’s okay to ASK. I tell myself  


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There was a particular time when I was in the university, I was so broke, broke was almost my middle name. I knew that if I called my dad and ask him for assistance, he’d give it to me. Times he’d tell me, “if you need anything, just call me”. But stupid fear and silliness didn’t let me be. During one of his regular checkup calls, he asked about my welfare, told him I was fine but broke. He asked since when, I told about some weeks ago. Guess what? Dad was pissed at me. Asking how I have been surviving for those weeks and why I didn’t ask him. He was like, I know I could have just told him and he’d know what to do. I had no excuse, I just apologised to him. Why this boring story?

God wants us to always know that “if you need anything, just call ME

We are sometimes that way with our heavenly Father too. He already told us to Matthew 7:7, The Message Bible translation of that verse says, DON’T BARGAIN WITH GOD, BE DIRECT, ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED. No thanks to fear, “won’t I be asking too much?”, “will He be able to do this? (like durrh, Luke 1:37 people) “I am not worthy of asking Him anything”, “I don’t deserve what I want to ask” and soooo many silly notions like that.
Jesus was telling us that, we’ve not received because we’ve not asked, that we should ask so our joy may be full. But, if we want to ask with those lies of the devil in our heart, we will receive nothing of the Father. 

Asking is ‘Faithing’! Asking is Trusting! Asking is Waiting. 

James 1:6-7 says “but let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord, KJV).

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I’d like to end on this note, whatsoever thing it is that you need, all you have to do is Ask the Father! Ours is to do the asking, While His is to do the answering. So, while we ask in faith and not fear, we trust and wait on Him.
Dear one, kindly go ahead and ask the Father, knowing “And this is the confidence (the assurance, the privilege of boldness) which we have in Him: [we are sure] that if we ASK ANYTHING (make any request) according to HIS WILL (in agreement with His own plan), He listens to and hears us. And if (since) we [positively] know that He listens to us in whatever we ask, we also know [WITH SETTLED and ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE] that we have [granted us as our present possessions] the requests made of Him, (1John 5:14-15, AMP).


PS: Do have a lovely weekend😘.