It’s not just about not having sex
That’s the physical act
It’s a total package
Sexual purity
Body, Soul & Spirit
The body can abstain from the act
The Soul may not
Remember the Bible verse
That said the eyes can undress a person
Something about looking lustfully at a person
See, it’s not just about the physical abstinence
Your soul will fight against abstaining

When you got saved, the Spirit was saved
But the mind still needs to be saved
That’s why Romans 12:2 said to constantly renew the mind
Sexual purity becomes a real problem
When the soul has been exposed to vices
Such as Masturbation, Pornography, Explicit movies, erotic videos all in the name of Music Videos
It becomes a war
The Battle can be won when you subject your entity
To God, He alone can help you Honour him
Staying sexually pure
Body, Soul and Spirit
He alone has the Grace to help you take that stand
It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen before
He’s the Amazing God of a second chance
Take the Stand today to walk in Purity
Not just by not giving your body to the act
But your Soul and Spirit
The Holy Spirit is Your best Guide
To walking in Purity
Remember you’re bought with a Price
You’re Worth the Wait
In every sense
God loves you more than you can imagine
I Stand for Sexual Purity
What about you?