You know that moment when you find it hard to sleep at night. Yeah, been there. In fact, I was ‘there’ last night. Lemme tell you what happened.
Nathaniel Bassey started #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge. You praise God with your dance offering for an hour. 12am-1am (June1-June30). Okay, so I had prepared my playlist, songs that will last for an hour. Done my nightly ‘rituals’ i.e play Criminal Case, Cookie Crush, Worship, Read the Word, Pray, Sleep.

But I couldn’t sleep last night. I began to pray for sleep. I finished my rituals at 10:44pm and I had to be up by 11:55pm for the One hour Hallelujah praise. I was telling myself that sleep will probably ‘come’ when it’s almost time for me to actually wake up. Lo and Behold, that’s what happened exactly. The alarm rang and I was up. Though I didn’t leave my bed😞.

After the one hour has passed, I could not sleep back. I began to wonder why. Prayed for sleep, nothing happened. The rats in my room were keeping busy, while I waited for sleep. Some Christians would have used this opportunity to continue praying but not me. (God help my sleep life😞😭)

Okay, at 2:44am I was still awake. The adiye(hen) ko(crow) LOL. I was still awake. I dunno when I slept off.

Morning came, morning chores, I wondered why I couldn’t sleep at night. Walking to CDS(I am a Corper), still thinking about it. Then I realised why I could not sleep.