Good night to my thoughts of you
As I lay me down to sleep
I switch off the light of your face in my heart
Still wrapped in the duvet of your warmth
Remembering to shut the door to lock you out
I kicked the duvet off of me
I’d rather sleep uncovered with you
Than sleep covered with you
Knowing what it is I know
The pillow of your comforting words is no longer useful,
I’d rather cry my eyes out and stain my face with tears than tell you only for you to stain my face with fears
Oh! The window is still opened,
For the smell of you to blow in,
Shutting it now, so you’d have no way to get in
The bedside lamp of your “heart” is the only thing that reminds me of you
Contemplating on leaving it on would only give you an opportunity to go with me to Dream world
You no longer have that right
My fingers are shaky, but I know I have to do this
Praying for strength, I stretched forth my hand to the bedside lamp