PS: Forgive my bad grammar! 🙈☺ Thank you☺
I really need to ask y’all what’s up with you? What’s wrong with you? You can’t stay calm during sermon ALWAYS asking “when is the sermon gon be over? ” “dude, I feel sleepy” for some of y’all that’s when you remember you need to update your Twitter, Facebook & WhatsApp status.
That’s when you remember you need to edit that cute picture you took recently and upload it on Instagram, like those pictures, play that addictive game. Why? Sermon is boring, yeah? I guess the sermon being preached is God’s WORD, yeah? So why the lack of interest in it? If y’all really claim to love GOD and read the Word in your closet, why have that lackadaisical attitude towards Sermon??

Another thing is that, yeah yeah you is in a group. Cool! So what’s up with you feeling all big and important and all that when you’re invited to minister at a place… You ain’t there for the sermon, or any other activities, you’re just there to show your skills, how well you can hit that note, how well you can do vocal runs, how perfect you can perfect that stunt? How expressive you are during Spoken Words? etc. Who cares? Sure, the congregation are impressed. What about your MAIN AUDIENCE, GOD ALMIGHTY?? All you care about is “when am I gonna minister so I can get outta here?” Chill, who you impressing? Who you forming cool for? The only person that should matter is GOD! No one else. Most of y’all are conformers. Just ”cause the people in your group are chatting while an activity is going on, you should do the same! Really? Or just ’cause your group members are leaving after the ministration, you too should leave? I don’t get it! Why are you in the group in the first place? To show people how well you can sing? Dance? Do Spoken Words? Or just truly because you wanna use your gift for God’s glory? Really? Remember the PERSON we all gonna account to is GOD not man. God’s not gonna care that you were trying to act cool before your friends.
If you’re tryna act cool when you’re with your loved one and your friends happen to be there, that’s just pretense, to me at least.
Y’all can sing about how much you luh God but SERIOUSLY HE DESERVES MORE THAN YOU ARE GIVING HIM!
Let’s have a rethink… Abeg (Please)
If you really love someone you should not be shy or cautious about what people will say on how you feel towards the person. The person should be your focus. No one else!