Who knows a product better than the producer? Who knows a creature better than its creator? There’s nothing about you that your Maker does not know. He knows everything .

God knows you, He knows your story. Even when you think He’s not aware of the happenings in your life. He knows. In the book of Jeremiah, He told him that even before He formed him, He knew him. Psalms 139: 1-16 explains this.

God knows the real you.

He sees the tears stained face covered with Make-up by False Appearance.

He sees the scarred skin and bruises covered with Dress by Hide My Flaws Couture.

He sees the feet that have walked the walks of shame, abandon, & neglect that are covered with Shoes by Don’t Let Me Fall Designers .

He sees the fingernails that have scratched the floor in agony that are covered with Nails by Hold Me Gently Nails.

He sees the head that has endured so many punches that even a punching bag can’t withstand if it could talk, headaches due to excessive tears that are covered with Head Accessories by Delicate Skull by Flenak.

He sees the child in a man that sees ladies as a toys you can do away with when you get bored because the Father never respected the Mother.

He sees the man who is so full of ego just because he has suffered from heartbreaks, never wanting to experience such pain again.

He sees the man that his heart yearns for Him but because he saw his Mother die from Cancer after putting so much trust in Him for her healing that never came, he blocked God out of his heart.

Take off the camouflage and come before God. He knows the real you. He loves you regardless. He sees beneath the outward you. He’s telling you He loves you. I  can’t explain God’s love. Babe/Dude, you need to experience it. He sees you from the future you, your past means zilch to Him. Just come to Him! His love for you is an everlasting one (Jeremiah 31:3).

Ever read the book of Hosea??? God loves you toooo much!!! Are you willing and ready to show Him the real you? I can assure you that He’ll never turn you away.

He’s waiting☺😘

Song: Loyal – Lauren Daigle