There he goes
Immaculately dressed
Looking all fine and the likes
Looking closely at him
Especially at his eyes
You’ll discover they are unsteady
The eyes are searching
A reflection of what is going on on the inside of him
He speaks eloquently
He performs his tasks efficiently
But if you pay closer attention to him
Look deep into his eyes, you’ll see it

There are questions he needs answers to
But no one has the right answer(s)
His search continues
He uses all sorts of outlets hoping one will provide him with the answers he so desires
He’s almost at the end of his rope
His eyes are becoming very unsteady
His outlets has failed him

Those who care about him suggested an outlet to him
But he refused
He can’t subject himself to an “Imaginary Person”
“What if the Person is not real?”
“Does this Person really have the answers to my unending questions?”
“Can this Person fill this void in my heart and life?”
“Why should I believe this Person is real?”
“Truth be told, this peeps have something unique about them and they acclaim it to this Person, what if the Person is actually who they say the Person is?”

And so the questions running through his mind keeps flowing. . .

When you see him, tell him to get to know the Person, there’s no harm in trying…

Lord I pray for every soul in search of something, looking into all sorts of places but not You, I pray You reach out to their hearts and I pray the Holy Spirit ministers to their heart and bring them to the knowledge of You, in Jesus name, Amen.